Africa For Dinner.

Before the Berlin Conference, only 10% of Africa was occupied by colonial powers with not much interest in the resources of African continent, except slave trade. However, everything changed after the Berlin Conference between 1884-1885 that was called by the German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck and French President Julie Ferry.

African continent was delivered as a steak of meat to be consumed by Europeans without the presence of a SINGLE AFRICAN. So they did. With the exception of Ethiopia and Liberia, 90% of Africa was divided by 7 European countries. In addition, 7 representatives from other European countries were invited to witness the division of Africa. Boundaries were drawn along longitudes, latitudes, rivers and mountains.

Agenda Of The Dinner

1.To build colonies in Africa without war between them.
2. Freedom of navigation on the Congo and Niger.
3. In search of raw materials like Copper, Cotton,Palm Oil, Ivory, Rubber, Cocoa, Gold, Diamond,Tea, Tin due to the rapid industrialization of european countries and the high demands of its citizens for those materials.
4. Search for a new market outside europe for premium priced goods.
5. Coaling Stations for their military and naval ships, protection of the sea routes and communication lines.
6. Political aim was to exert power over people they deemed inferior and to subjugate them.
7. Bringing civilization, christianity, european cultures,trade and ideas in any country they occupy.

The African Steak They Got

The country that benefited the most at the dinner table was Britain and France, despite not receiving everything they wanted due to the greed among other europeans at the dinner table. They opted for different slice of Africa, but significant slice. Germany had shares but lost everything after the great war( WW1). King Leopold I of Belgium got Congo as his personal property due to the argument for it acquisition by Germany and other countries.

Consequences Of The Dinner.

1.The boundaries created additional problems between tribes and ethnic groups who see themselves as different, but were forced to live together in the name of a nation. E.g Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda etc.
2.Exploitation of natural resources by taking the raw materials from Africa to be processed and sold to Europeans and the other nations, hence building the european nations at the back of Africa.
3.The best lands with natural resources like Gold, Diamond were taken by the europeans.
4.Revenue and taxes taking from the indigenous people were used to develop Europe ( It means, Africa built Europe).
5.Bringing european culture to Africa, with gradual elimination of African cultures and traditions.
5.African education was based on european laws, religious values and histories instead of ours.

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 shaped Africa till date. It is the reason African countries are still dependant on european processed goods with raw materials from Africa. Resolutions of African problems are done in europe depending on the country that colonized them, instead of solving it within ourselves.
Not forgetting the rate of corruption going on in Africa today is because european banks are used to launder money for African corrupt leaders.

Africa, You Are Now Invited.

There is a new scramble for Africa going on right now by the West, China And Russia. Unlike the previous one, Africa is actually invited to take part in the sharing of Africa. The new petrochemical, technological and economical boom in the world has seen a rise in interest in Africa, due to the availability of the raw materials for these technology in Africa.

The New Deal.

1.Africans should demand accountability for every deal signed by our leaders.

2.The deals should be published for transparency purpose.

3.Africans should take part in the technological and economic boom happening in the world today.

4.The history of the Berlin conference and every history related to Africa should be taught in schools, with removal of european histories and cultures.

What Should Be On The New Deal?

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