Curse Of Ham, The Greatest Lie Ever Told.

Just like every other lies that was told about Africa by the Europeans and other race, their agenda has always been to make superiority of their race in every aspect of human history.
For instance, to highlight some of the lies.

  1. No African Civilization Except Egypt Pre-colonization. We had Kingdom of Benin, Kongo, Nubia, Empire of Mali ,etc.
  2. No Form Of Education Pre-colonial Era. We had University of Timbuktu, Mali (982 CE), Egypt, Morocco.
  3. Only Oral Form Of Communication, No Written Form Pre-colonization. We had ancient meroitic writing( Kingdom of Kush), Tifinagh writing ( Sahara region), Ge’ez Writing
    (presently used by Ethiopia and Eriterea ).
  4. John Lok description of Africans ” as beast, who have no house, people without head, having their mouth and eyes in their breasts”. This needs no explanation, he was an Idiot. Then The Greatest Of All Lie Is The Curse Of Ham And Relationship To Africa

When you read Gen 9:22-27 you will notice the story of Noah, his Son Ham and the curse.
The story is used as a narrative to explain the dark skin, struggles and justification of slavery of Africans by European especially during the slave trade centuries.
This story was propagated by religious leaders(Christian, Muslim and Jewish) of all sect to hide the evil being done to Africans by foreigners.

Early Judaism, Islamism And Christianity.

Early Judaism explained that Noah cursed Ham and his descendant, hence the reason for his son’s Cush( ” Ancestor of Africans”) dark skin colouration. It further noted that Cush’s descendant will be subjugated by other son’s of Noah. These believes were introduced into Christianity and Islam during cross-pollination between the three major religion.
This gave the world “biblical and quranic justification” for the maltreatment of Africans by the Arabs and European during their invasion of the continent.
The Europeans used these believes as justification for Slave Trade and colonization of African Continent, which has continued til date in form of racial discrimination suffered by Blacks.

In America, these believes and its “Biblical Justification led to slave owners defending their actions and views against the Abolitionist Movement to end slavery in America. Martin Luther King Jr. called the idea of using the bible to justify evil , as” blasphemy ” to the christian religion. Unfortunately, these lies are still spread by a lot of religious leaders in all sect, which has made some of the members to believe the curse is the reason for poverty in Africa and Africans should pray to be forgiven.

There Is Hope.

This new generation of educated Africans are passing the right information to their children and neighbors around.
We should eliminate the “white savior” mentality in Africa for it is taking us backward.


Until The Lions( Africans) Have Their Own Historian ( You and Me), The History Of The Hunt( Events) Will Always Glorify The Hunter( Foreigners). — Chinua Achebe.

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