Religion: Through The Lens Of My Oppressors.

Before the introduction of foreign religions to Africa, Africans were ” Notoriously” religious. Religion has always been parts and parcels of our cultures and traditions. Furthermore, religion was strongly connected to our identity, because we practiced it at an individual level, as well as tribal and ethnic levels.

The Search For Salvation.

Just like every other religion, the aim is to search and receive salvation in real time and afterlife. So , Africans believed in Supreme Being, Spiritualism ( living and dead), Deities and Gods as an avenue to attain salvation of the souls in the present and afterlife. When the Europeans and Arabs arrived Africa, they were surprised at the level of Spiritualism, despite the absence of scripture but oral communication with the gods by priests, the gifted, Kings and Queens.

Invasion By Europeans And Arabs

However, with the invasion ( Christianity and Islam) came gradual elimination of our traditional and religious beliefs. These were achieved via military attacks, impositions, threats, slave trading and deceit.

Justification Of Actions

Europeans and Arabs used “biblical and quranic” references as justification for every action used on Africans. They change the narratives each time to suit their agenda. For instance, the curse of Ham was their religious justification for subjugation and slave trade in Africa. When slavery stopped being ” economical”, they introduced Jim Crow law in America, apartheid in South Africa, while the rest of Africa was introduced to European colonialism, still using religion as justification.

Replacement Of Our Gods

They replaced the Gods of our forefathers with their own God, with phenotypical characteristics of supreme beings that looks like them. White beard, long hairs, blue eyes, white ropes and gowns and through them we will attain forgiveness, fulfilment and salvation. As for the beings that look like us, that’s how the devil looks, the tormentor, the evil doer.

Replaced the worship centres.

Seeing Through The Lens Of My Invaders

So, Africans see God according to the Lens( image )given to use by the Foreigners.
Nowadays, to us True Spiritualism is the believing that a white man is coming to save us from our sins, failures as well as to give us the long awaited salvation, that we africans have been searching for. In addition, whenever an image of a dark being pops into our head we scream ” devil, get behind me in Jesus name”.

We have a lot of mental reset to do as Africans, we should stop seeing Spiritualism and Religion in the lens of the people that used it to oppress us when it is convenient.

Please, believe in whatever you want to believe, but through your own eyes.

When you pray who do you see? Be honest.

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