The Guinea Pigs: The Ideal Race For Medical Experiments.

While the world were in dilemma looking for solutions to combat the newly arrived Covid-19 pandemic. A French Dr. Suggested that Covid-19 Vaccine that’s being developed should be tested on Africans first, before the world can use it. The reason he gave was that Africans lack masks and other protective equipments. He retracted his statement after backlashes from various media outlets and Africans. Similarly, other scientists expected the Covid-19 pandemic to turn Africa into graveyards. However, to their surprise, African continent was recording lower infection and death rates compared to other parts of the world. So, they argued that it must be due to the genetic makeup of Africans.
The question now is, if all humans are similar , why is there a need to discuss the genetic makeup of a specific race?

The answer lies in the superiority believes of the white man. To them( whites), Africans are subhumans, i.e below human but above apes and other primates.
In their own view, ” why try unethical or dangerous pharmaceutical trials on the white race, while there are other races that we believe are subhumans”.

Sadly, the use of Africans for laboratory or pharmaceutical experiments have been going on for centuries. But, there are few or no documentations until recently. The examples are numerous, however, I will try to give few instances when Blacks/ Africans were used for unethical experiments.

Syphilis Experiments On Black Americans.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This study is still remembered today as one of the worst cases of prolonged and deliberate violation of human rights. The study used mostly impoverished, uneducated blacks who were infected with syphilis. The aim of this study was to document the natural history of syphilis. Participants of that experiment were not given penicillin when it was discovered as a treatment for syphilis, including not being made aware that there were effective treatment options for the infection.

CDC MMR Study On Black Children

CDC Study Of Experimental Measles, Mumps And Rubella ( MMR) Vaccines.
Not too long, reports emerged that centers for disease control and prevention were not displaying results from a test of experimental measles vaccine that actually showed that black children are 3 times likely to develop regressive autism if given the vaccines before the age of 3. The authors of the study manipulated and hid data that proved it.

Enslaved Blacks Used For Surgery Without Anaesthesia.

During slavery, enslaved Black people were subjected to numerous excruciating and inhumane medical studies and experiments. For instance, the father of modern Gynaecology, Marion Sims conducted lots of medical experiments on blacks without anaesthesia, including painful vesicovaginal fistula surgery. Because he believed that the operations were not painful to merit the use of anaesthesia.

Sara Baartman Used For Reseaches In France.

Sara Baartman, the ” Hottentot Venus”.
In the beginning of 19th century, Baartman was a subject of scientific and medical research in France due to the size of her buttocks. Despite several legal battles to bring her home to Africa, she remained in France, used for scientific research. Sadly, even in her death, researchers kept her sexual organs brain in display in French museum.

Til date, it may surprise you to know that, some pharmaceutical as well as researchers still use africans for lots of unethical. experiments. Our leaders, who are money mongers tends to look the other way, because of the financial benefits they derive.

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