The Real Size Of Africa

Over centuries the map that’s widely used in the world is the Mercator Map Projection. By looking at the map, it overestimated the size of North American, European Continent, Australia and some parts of Asia. Meanwhile, it in great deal underestimated the size of African Continent and South American Continent. In actuality, the size of Africa is About 30.33millionsqkm, enough to fit in USA, China, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Eastern Europe Netherland, Belgium, Germany and other countries alike.
Furthermore, the map over exaggerated the size of Greenland to be equal to Africa, while in real sense, it(Greenland)has the same size as Democratic Republic Of Congo.
The consequence of this size biases has unintentionally created a great deal of perception that Africa is a small continent by caucasian and Africans. Most Scholars see the map bias as not bias, but an easy way the sailors of past centuries used to navigate to different parts of the world. Also argued that the small size of countries located in the equators which includes Africa were not done deliberately.
So, why haven’t they corrected the wrongs or misconception about the size of African and South America continent? In my own opinion, it has a racial undertone.
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